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To learn about your visitation rights as a father,  mother, or grandparent, contact a Parsippany Child Visitation Lawyer at (973) 299-8660 to schedule a FREE initial consultation!

Parsippany Child Visitation Lawyer

Child Visitation Law Firm in Morris County, New Jersey

Child Visitation Agreements (also known as Parenting Time Agreements) formally establish a schedule for children to spend time with parents and grandparents.  Hiring the experienced visitation lawyers at the Kalish Law Group is a smart choice.  Our dedicated attorneys will be there every step of the way to negotiate and draft the visitation agreement and will work to minimize conflict between parents, as well as assist your child in maintaining a positive relationship with both parents and extended family.


At the Kalish Law Group, a dedicated Parsippany Child Visitation Lawyer will help clients achieve favorable custody and visitation agreements through negotiations and in Family Court.  For more than 30 years, Lawrence H. Kalish, Esq. has been providing effective and sensitive legal counsel to help families develop visitation plans that meet the best interest of their child.


There are numerous issues that could impact a family during a divorce or separation that need to be dealt with effectively and swiftly.  Our firm has been successfuly handling child visitation cases with dedication, care and persistence for years.  Whether you need assistance with removal of a child from the State of New Jersey, or arranging visitation between parents residing in different jurisdictions, a Parsippany Child Visitation Lawyer at the Kalish Law Group will serve your legal needs.


Grandparent Visitation


The Kalish Law Group is well versed in defending the rights of grandparents and other family members who have been blocked by a custodial parent.  Grandparents are permitted in New Jersey to ask a Court to grant them the legal right to maintain ongoing contact with their grandchildren.  When dealing with the unfortunate circumstances of the death of a parent, or in a family that has undergone a divorce, the children may not have the opportunity to have contact with the non-custodial parent and his/her relatives. Our experienced attorneys at the Kalish Law Group will make sure that your rights as a Grandparent are protected.  We serve clients in Morris, Sussex and Essex Counties, as well as several other locations throughout Northern New Jersey.


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