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Parsippany Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Morris, Essex, Passaic and Sussex Counties

Speeding tickets can affect any driver. Depending on the severity or number of violations, the consequences can be devastating, including fines, points on your license, license suspension, increased insurance premiums or even loss of license. We at the Kalish Law Group work to minimize these consequences and protect our clients' driving privileges.  We are familiar with a majority of the local Municipal Court Judges, Prosecutors and staff, and have established a good rapport with many of them.


In this difficult economy, nobody can really afford to have points on their licenses, thereby increasing their insurance premiums.  You are much better served hiring an attorney to accompany you to Municipal Court if you get a speeding ticket that carries points.  An experienced Parsippany Speeding Ticket Lawyer at the Kalish Law Group will converse with the Prosecutor at your local Municipal Court and attempt to come to a plea agreement which will hopefully result in a ticket that does not carry any points.  While you could always attempt to negotiate on your own, you are likely to get a better deal if you are properly represented by an experienced Parsippany Speeding Ticket Lawyer from the Kalish Law Group.


With our representation, if you enter into a plea deal, you may still still have to pay a fine to the Court and, of course, a modest fee to your Parsippany Speeding Ticket Lawyer.  However, you will end up more than pleased you retained the Kalish Law Group because your wallet will be thanking you when paying your insurance bills, avoiding costly court imposed surcharges and by avoiding potential employment implications had you been facting a suspension of your license.  If you have gotten a speeding ticket in any of the municipalities in Morris, Sussex, Essex, Bergen, Union, Passaic or any other nearby counties, give the Kalish Law Group a call today.  You'll be glad you did!

Contact the Kalish Law Group today for a FREE consultation regarding your speeding ticket!

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