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Parsippany Elder Law Lawyer

Elder Law Lawyer in Morris County, New Jersey

Individuals over the age of 65 make up the largest growing portion of the population of this country.  The natural aging of the "Baby Boomer" generation, and the strides we have made in medical technology and health care, has resulted in longer life expectancy.  A unique set of issues, problems and concerns from a legal standpoint comes along with people living longer.  The care, housing, funding and fair treatment of our elderly population has emerged the field of Elder Law.


First and foremost, the planning strategies that are available will allow you take full advantage of the programs available from our federal, state and local governments, especially Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal program funded to and administrated by each state and county, providing full subsidy of an individual's nursing home expenses and associated costs. However, it is only available to an individual with limited or no assets and an income below a certain level.  The current regulations also provide for a five (5) year "look back" period which prevents application for these benefits in the event they have given away any assets within the 5 years immediately prior to the application. This requires careful and meticulous planning, the alternative to which is the depletion of all of the elderly individual's assets in exhorbitant nursing home expenses.


Finally, there are a myriad of issues that can and do arise as your elderly loved one becomes a resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility.  Having a group of attorneys with years of experience in the elder care industry can prove invaluable!


Our Parsippany Elder Law Lawyers at the Kalish Law Group have the working knowledge and experience with the ever-changing legislature and regulatory framework to help qualify an individual for this essential program, thereby preserving his or her estate for their children and grandchildren. We are also fully conversant with handling guardianships and cases dealing with the quality of nursing home care.

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