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Driving While Suspended Lawyer in Morris County, New Jersey


For most people, driving is an essential component of their day to day lives.  It is something they can’t imagine doing without.  This is why there is a strong compulsion to drive even if your license has been suspended. 


The problem with driving under a suspended license is that your legal troubles will only become more complicated and costly if you are stopped by an officer for any reason.  If you have been issued a ticket for driving while your license is suspended, the Kalish Law Group can help.

Why Your License Was Suspended


Sometimes, as a result of communication issues with the court and/or DMV, people are driving under a suspended license without even realizing their driving privileges have been suspended.  In order to help our clients avoid this potential misunderstanding, below you will find a list of legal matters which can lead to suspension:


  • DWI

  • 12+ points on your driving record

  • Conviction for a felony where you used a vehicle

  • Fault in a fatal accident

  • Leaving the scene of an accident

  • Failure to pay surcharges or tickets

  • Failure to appear in court or to pay fines

  • Failure to pay child support


If you are concerned that your license may have been suspended, the Kalish Law Group can look into the status of your license and advise you as to the appropriate action, be that compliance or seeking restoration of your driving privileges.


Penalties For Driving While License is Suspended:


These penalties range in New Jersey based upon the facts of the offense. 


The least significant penalties stem from a license suspension for failure to pay parking tickets.  The only penalty is a $100 fine and an MVC assessment of $250/yr for three years.  No additional suspension time will be levied and no jail time assessed.  However, this is on the condition that the tickets have been paid.  If this is not the case, this lesser punishment will not be in effect and penalties will reflect the “plain vanilla” penalties discussed below.


If there are no additional facts to be considered, meaning the suspension was for a traffic offense and is not to be treated less seriously due to the suspension being the result of unpaid traffic tickets or more harshly if related to a DUI, then the penalties will be of the “plain vanilla” variety.  These include:


First offense - $500 fine

Second offense - $750 fine; 1-5 days in jail

Third and subsequent offenses - $1,000 fine; 1-10 days in jail


All “plain vanilla” offenses also carry the MVC assessment of $250/yr for three years.  Additionally, it is possible for the registration to be revoked and for the judge to extend the period of the license suspension for up to six months.


In the event of injury, though, these penalties will include a minimum of 45 days in jail and as much as 180 days imprisonment.  The triggering of “injury” requires minimal circumstance.  In fact, the mere complaint of injury by another party is enough.  The accident need not even be the suspended driver’s fault.  It is literally possible for a suspended driver to be the “victim” of another driver’s negligence or recklessness, yet if that driver is injured, the suspended driver will be required to serve jail time!


The penalties if the original suspension was the result a DWI are even more significant!  Fines may be increased by up to $500 more, the suspension will be extended for 1-2 more years, and the judge must impose 10-90 days of jail.  If aggravating circumstances exist, such as the offense being near a school, the penalties increase even more.


Why Do I Need a Lawyer?


These are potentially serious consequences and must be met with aggressive representation in order to hope avoiding the full brunt of the law.  The Kalish Law Group will challenge the evidence and when possible negotiate a plea on your behalf if that is your desired course of action.  Do not hesitate; call the Kalish Law Group today at (973) 299-8660 to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our traffic associates.

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