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Parsippany Child Custody Lawyer

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Child Custody Lawyer in Morris County, New Jersey


When your children's future is at stake, you need a law firm with experience and knowledge in your corner. With over 30 years of experience practicing Family Law, the Kalish Law Group is the right firm for your child custody and support matter.  In addition to serving the needs of the client, your attorney should always keep the best interests of your children in mind, and nobody understands this better than an experienced Parsippany Child Custody Lawyer at the Kalish Law Group.


Child custody is arguably the most sensitive and important issue to be handled in a divorce.  Difficult decisions must be made on where the child will live, who will be the decision-maker on a daily basis for the child, and the overall best interests of the child.  Furthermore, the child custody determination can affect the amount of child support and/or alimony that will be paid from one parent to the other.  You should not enter a child custody or support battle without the aid of an experienced Parsippany Child Custody

Lawyer on your side

The experienced counsel at the Kalish Law Group can assist you with initial child custody determinations, as well as modification of existing child custody agreements.  If you have concerns about the fitness of your spouse and their ability to be a parent, you need an attorney who will help you gather the necessary evidence and represent your position to the Court.


Whether it is dealing with the New Jersey DCPP (Division of Child Protection and Permanancy, formerly DYFS), change of custody applications, emancipation and college issues, or modification of custody and support arrangements, a Parsippany Child Custody Lawyer at the Kalish Law Group will be familiar with them all and will be able to successfully guide you through the entire process.


Going into a Court of law and having a judge decide which parent will have custody of your child can be a nerve-wracking event. With the help of the Kalish Law Group, you can rest assured that your case is being argued to the best of our ability and our 30+ years of experience are hard at work for you.  The Kalish Law Group is here to serve your custody needs. 

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