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Parsippany Careless Driving Lawyer


Careless Driving Lawyer in Morris County, New Jersey


Careless driving is among the most common traffic offenses handled in New Jersey Municipal Courts.  This ticket is given for a variety of driving offenses or behaviors that are largely at the discretion of the ticketing officer.  Whether for something as minor as swerving or as significant as being found at fault by an officer for a motor vehicle accident, careless driving is a ticket which must be taken seriously. 

Careless driving can result in fines, points on your driving record, and even jail time.  When dealing with a ticket with such significant potential ramifications it is in your best interest to retain an experienced traffic lawyer.  The attorneys at the Kalish Law Group have decades of experience in local municipal courts and are ready and able to protect your rights – and your license.


Examples of careless driving:

  • Failing to keep a safe distance from other vehicles

  • Unsafe passing

  • Swerving

  • Speeding

  • Causing an accident


Careless driving is defined by N.J.S.A. 39:4-97 as a person who drives a vehicle carelessly, or without due caution and circumspection, in a manner so as to endanger, or be likely to endanger, a person or property.

Basically, what this means is that you have been ticketed by an officer for driving in a manner that he found unsafe and likely to endanger other people and/or property.  To be found guilty the prosecution must prove each element under the above law.  Realistically, though, this is done simply through officer testimony.  This is why, in many cases, it is best to allow your attorney to engage the prosecutor in discussing a plea deal, to minimize the potential penalty.


Careless Driving vs. Reckless Driving


Remember though, careless driving is essentially a less serious version of reckless driving and is in fact a lesser included offense of reckless driving.  The major difference between the two is the knowledge requirement.  Reckless driving includes the same dangerous driving element as careless driving but adds the element of “knowingly.” 

Because reckless driving is a more serious offense that is more difficult to prove, careless driving is the far more common ticket due to the relative ease with which the prosecution can make their case.  This is why it is so important that you retain an experienced traffic attorney to protect your rights.  A good attorney can prepare to challenge this ticket and negotiate a favorable plea if necessary.


Penalties for Careless Driving

  • 2 points on your driving record

  • points on your insurance score

  • Up to a $200 fine, or

  • Up to 15 days in jail


As a TWO POINT ticket, careless driving can seriously impact your ability to lawfully drive, as well as your insurance premiums.  Every ticket needs to be contested in order to preserve your driving privileges.  Call the Kalish Law Group today to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our traffic attorneys.





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