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Our family law firm takes pride in our New Jersey roots and serves all of Morris, Sussex, Essex, Passaic, Bergen, Hudson and Union Counties and various other communities throughout the State of New Jersey.


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Adoption is a rewarding process through which you can grow your family and provide a child in need a home.  While adoption is a rewarding process, it can also be quite complicated.  With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can plan and prepare for the obstacles ahead in order to accomplish your adoption goals.  Gaining approval as a prospective parent, dealing with the biological parent or agency responsible for the child, and managing finances are but a few of the challenges ahead.  The Kalish Law Group can help you to overcome them to adopt the child you want to add to your family.


How Does a Child Become Available for Adoption?


If the biological parent of the child is living and maintains parental rights of a child, the parent may terminate their rights to the child either through voluntary termination of parental rights or involuntary termination of parental rights.


Voluntary termination of parental rights:  The parent chooses to give up their parental rights to the child.


Involuntary termination of parental rights:  Here the court terminates a parent’s rights based upon:  the neglect of the child, the abuse of the child, the father not being the biological father, the abandonment of the child, the parent having raped the other parent during conception, the parent committing a crime against a child, etc.


If you are a parent looking to adopt, we will help you by looking into the grounds by which the child was made available for adoption to ensure that you are protected.  There is no greater frustration to an adopting family than to encounter late stage issues or uncertainties as to the termination of biological parental rights.  Likewise, we will help biological parents who seek to challenge the termination of their parental rights.  You deserve the fullest extent of protection possible under the law concerning your rights to your child. 


Whether you are looking to adopt or are the biological parent, the Kalish Law Group is here to help you meet your goals.


What Laws Govern Adoption?


In New Jersey, all adoptions are governed by Title 9.  The statute governs all aspects of child adoption in the state of New Jersey, including:  the conditions under which a child may be surrendered for adoption, what criteria a perspective parent must meet to be eligible, the standards for agencies involved in the adoption process, means by which to object to an adoption, etc.


While we encourage you to do your own research and reach out to necessary parties to begin the adoption process, there is no substitute for sound legal advice.  An attorney familiar with the laws of the state and procedures of state and private agencies can provide the guidance you need to successfully engage the adoption process.  The Kalish Law Group is happy to offer prospective clients a FREE initial consultation to discuss their adoption concerns.


Whether you are seeking to adopt a child or protect your parental rights, retaining an experienced family law attorney is vital.  Nothing is more important than your family.  The attorneys at the Kalish Law Group understand and are here to help you.   Let us look after the interests of you and your family.  Call today at (973) 299-8660 to schedule a free consultation.

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